Location:  Eagle’s Nest Atitlan  at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Location: Eagle’s Nest Atitlan at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


We are all storytellers.

Some of us live in a fantasy,

Experiencing life through rose-colored glasses.

Longing for our princess or prince charming

To sweep us off our feet

Whisking us away from

the mundane monotony of everyday routine.

We lack motivation to get a job

Or deal with the repressed emotion

from not speaking our truth

Because we are too afraid

of letting the darkness

Consume our optimistic light

Blinding us from our true reality.


We are all storytellers.

Some of us live in an action film

A constant and steady stream of

tasks and travels and taxis

Assignments to accomplish, projects to present, and forms to fill

Beds to be made, meals to be cooked and clothes to be washed

Business and busyness buzzing our beings

With little rest or resolve

To dissolve into a space of revival

A space of nothingness







We are all storytellers.

Some of us live in a documentary,

Retelling some of our life’s greatest events of

Past wars,

Past triumphs,

Past relationships,


Past plans.

We attempt to relive the moments of ecstatic bliss

Only to fall short of what our

young bodies, minds and spirits

Felt in those experiences.

We tell of the past

Because we are stuck in moving forward in the present,

And aren’t facing what the future has to hold.

With inflated egos

And deflated souls

We press on,

Living in a constant land of memory.


We are all storytellers.

Some of us live in a dramatic soap opera,

Constantly feeding the fear of catastrophe

Gossip spreading like wild fire

Living in an exciting bubble  

Filled with hot and fresh stories

Distracting us from our own pains

And struggles

Drowning our worries

In alcohol

In pipes

In night clubs

In selfies

To find our worth in

Being a part of an intricate maze

Of meaningless magazines

And buzzing billboards

Leading to

Relationship rubble

With others

And self.


We are all storytellers.

Some of us live in a horror film,

Experiencing our lives through shaded sunglasses.

A cloud of misery circling over our heads

With negativity spewing from our every word

Pessimism pushing people into our perimeter

Sabotaging spirits and self

By letting tragedy and turmoil

Reside in our hearts

Closing the doors to allowing

Dreams and possibilities

To bring joy to dark eyes

and broken hearts.


We are all storytellers.

Some of us live in an adventure film

Traveling from country to country

Fast friendships and exciting encounters

Aimlessly wandering in search of our souls

Consciousness evolving but

Commitment difficult

As we struggle to get grounded

When there is always

Another site to see

Another language to learn

Another tour to take

Another relationship to be revealed


But with no plans of a future

And only senses to appeal. 


We are all storytellers.

I was told I was a storyteller

Relying a different story

Not fitting in a genre

Not meeting criticizing criteria

Yet exceeding beyond boundaries

Letting spirit guide my story

Fearless, bold and living loud

Letting a masterpiece be crafted

Unfolding as a vessel

of unconditional love and light

Traveling with purpose

Opportunities opening

Being in a state

Of flow

Of flourishing

Of frolicking

In the bliss

In the stillness

In the quiet

Of the present

Of the empty space

That unites all of our being

To each star

To each planet

To each creature

To the universe

To all of creation

And our creator.


We are all storytellers.

We all tell unique stories,

Maybe multiple stories,

Some in different genres,

Some with no criteria,

With different perspective and insight,

All with the end goal to have

Our voices heard and

Our souls sung


with eyes of understanding

smiles of acceptance

and hearts full of




and peace.


We are all storytellers.

What’s your story?


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Jill is a health enthusiast passionate about holistic living through being conscious of the mind, body and spirit connection. She is a free-spirited yoga teacher and sound healer that embraces any adventure that comes her way, whether that is rock climbing, paddle boarding, waterfall rappelling, cliff jumping or learning a new inversion. She finds balance and inspiration in her happy place of being in nature and swimming in the ocean. She ensures that everything she does is in alignment with her truth – to share her heart with others in a vulnerable way in order to spread positivity and unconditional love and light.

She loves to travel and learn from other cultures and the experiences of new people she meets along the way. She loves to be creative through writing, flowing through yoga sequences, playing the harp, and learning new things. Her bold and bright spirit leads the way in helping shape her simple, community-based and nomadic life where she can inspire, teach and motivate others to live with mindfulness and purpose.