Tools of Release & Manifestation: Yoga and Shamanism

By: Sophia Faria

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A roaring fire crackles and lights up the night. I hold beans in my hands representing all that I wish to release. An intimate circle of people is gathered by the flames at the Yoga Forest, a retreat space resting above the town of San Marcos. Overlooking the majestic Lago Atitlan, I am here to let go. My presence embraces this new layer of transformation by the mark of the Solstice. ‘Take a bean for every intention of release, and feed them to the fire - there is no shortage of beans to feed the fire’. There are some burdens that have become too heavy for me to carry beyond this point – stories of a broken heart, not being good enough, feeling lost in uncertainty, low and disconnected.

The next round holds the seeds that we want to cultivate. We plant these one by one. There is no shortage of the seeds we can bury into the earth. I feel at home and surrounded by tribe. We have been brought together to work with and be held by the intelligence of the plants and the circle. The invitation for me is to say YES.

Yes to…
inner guidance that has brought me here,
unlocking creative life,
deeper relationships, and
new tools to manifest my dreams into reality.

I had no idea what would happen next, but I knew I was ready. So we entered a full week of reconnecting to our inner wisdom, to the plants, to the medicine wheel. This was a deep cleanse on every level: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. To fill the empty spaces and support us, we called in: joy, gratitude, unconditional love and higher perspective, in rooted and practical ways. We learned about easeful loving release and how to foster relationship with this natural world that always wants to help us.

This retreat was the bridging of worlds and foundational work I needed.  It was much like a yoga training in that it cultivated self-awareness and also provided the support to make the adjustments for self, body and spirit. We practiced many forms of Yoga. And it allowed me to establish a practice and relationship with plants that works for me. To me, the study of Yoga is to cultivate a deep relationship with myself and the world around me. And yes, I could go to a Yoga Class or a weekend plant medicine ceremony but those options,  in my experience, are brief, impersonal and only scratch the surface. I was hungry to go deeper.

I think it is an important step in developing a practice, to go into a deeper study of whatever you are doing and establish a framework that really works for you as an evolving being. And you deserve the support of tribe and guides throughout the entire process, from preparation to integration. With this support, I released burdens with ease and genuine love, and I got crystal clear on my intentions and what I wanted to bring into my life. To have this vision reflected and seen by others roots our dreams into reality. 

For me, this kind of mining with all the right tools and maps leads to gold.  The gold in this case was establishing the sankalpa (Sanskrit word for intention): I am a Radiant Goddess. This statement holds the energy of what I am cultivating at this time in my life. It is my reclaimed truth, guidance, and power. These seeds from seasons ago are still being fertilized, cultivated and harvested. Once the seeds are planted, they can continue to grow. Once that connection and communication is opened up, it can stay open - and close and open again, as we move through the cycles of life. Throughout it all, the words of CJ Ananda stay with me: Zip up, feet kiss the earth, walk in beauty and joy, live the lessons.

This kind of heart-based work is filled with reverence for the natural world, accessible to many and highly integrative. To find out more about these offerings, check out Pura Vida and The Kula Collective Retreats.

About Sophia:

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Sophia is a Conscious Sensuality Practitioner, Intimacy Facilitator and an avid explorer of sacred sexuality and human connection. With a 500hrs Sananda RYT, one of her guiding philosophies is that yoga awakens us to our inherent sexual nature. I am also trained in Thai Yoga Massage, Mayan Abdominal Belly Massage and Sensual Massage (whole body touch). I offer one-on-one individualized sessions and co-create beautiful nature retreats exploring topics such as Ecstatic Practice, Erotic Massage and Sexual Awakening for Women. I work with both couples and individuals. A guiding principle in my work is to create an inclusive and safe space for deeper connection within and greater self-love.

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