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Plant Medicine in Peru Part 2: Lares and Love

By: Jill Lacasse

“I was in for an incredible and mind blowing experience without even realizing the magnitude when I put the cup to my lips and drank in the spirit of the cactus. My intention of release during the training continued as I released control, surrendering to the journey and the process of being present and in tune with nature and those around me.”

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8 Ways Through Self Doubt

By: Jiya Randall

"Do you ever find it difficult to get dressed, apply for a job, ask that hottie out on a date, or speak your truth? How often have you come up with a perfect idea, followed it through to a certain extent and then abandoned it in favor of something more within your comfort zone? And what about those moments when you feel yourself overwhelmed with a “vulnerability hangover” - the closing down sometimes experienced after revealing too much of ourselves?"

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