Sanni Shukraya 

Sorrow and lust
Pain and pleasure
Existence and non-existence
I am Love.

~ Poetic expression of Self


Sanni shares her lifework through holistic movement, meditation and energy work. Born and raised in Finland, she has a deep connection with nature and a heartfelt passion to function in a greater harmony with the web of life. A world traveler and devoted yogini her work with holistic health is inspired by many colorful indigenous cultures and traditions she has experienced.

Having reflected the teachings of different traditions, schools, tribes and rituals, and at the same time witnessing the idea of separation in the world between people and nature led her to dedicate her whole life to serve a greater unity and wholeness both individually and collectively.

With her dharma, Sanni encourages people to dive deep into the secrets of their beings, experience their True Self and step into their purest power as creators of life. She has a university degree in Sport and Health Sciences concentrated on holistic health aspect of yoga and dance.

Over the years, she has been guided to study holistic health through yoga (500 RYT), shamanic and spiritual practices, intuitive dance and drumming, metaphysical studies, breath work and meditation training, Reiki energy work (levels I-III), Tibetan regression therapy, Permaculture, Nutritional Herbalism as well as Neuro-Lymphatic and Abdominal Massage touching all physical, emotional, mental and energetic layers of body. However, after becoming aware of the illusionary complexity of our beings she witnessed herself coming the full circle and embodying the simple and ultimate truth of being one with all within and without.

“Mind creates so many stories about our existence that we forget the simplicity of life. It tries to rationalize, spiritualize and politically correct our most natural life force dwelling in our heart centers. This is the force beyond the limitations of body and mind, a vital force of living unconditional love itself. It is important to remember own life purpose and face the challenges of life with honesty, radical acceptance and love trusting the life unfolding in perfect order. I believe that everyone can bring more loving kindness into their creation and enter into personal transformation to align with the True Self – their pure being.”

sanni shukraya, kula collective

With her dharma, Sanni has been holding space for people to release and clear stagnant energy, suppressed emotions and karmic imprints in cellular level helping them to cease the illusion of forgetting who they truly are. She also organizes international transformational retreats, encouraging people to experience the life in deeper and more responsible way, and embody loving kindness in daily life through unconditional giving and receiving. 

“Unconditional love sees all the aspects of life being part of it – the beautiful, pure and exciting but also the ugly, filthy and sad ones. While light and shadow rises and passes, an unchanging inner peace, compassion and unconditional love is always there to be felt if only aware. I invite you to live the love that you are and surrender for the natural current of life facing the challenges with courage and trust.“

Sanni is passionate about holding space for different ceremonies, such as lunar cycle and elemental ceremonies, to deepen the relationship with oneself and the Earth. “I think that understanding and working with the cycles of life, Nature and its elements through silence, gratitude, ceremonies and offerings, chanting, dancing and drumming as well as recognizing the miracles of daily life is a powerful way to bring oneself into the state of balance.”

For Sanni, yoga translates into all- inclusive holistic lifestyle and the way of facing the challenges and gifts of life with inner peace. On her classes one can work with asanas, alignments and breath work but also the philosophy of yoga as well as natural elemental movement and deeper meditative reflections on daily life. “Yoga is about serving the highest good in daily life with humble heart... it is simply the way of being. Om! Aho! Amen!”

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