Vlog Series: How are You Growing as a Student & Teacher?

How are you evolving as a yoga teacher?

As a yoga teacher, you channel the ancient teachings of yoga through your own distinct voice … but sometimes it’s hard to stay fresh and inspired in your offerings.

Once you have established your rhythm as a teacher … it can be hard to get into a place of inspiration and learning. Sometimes you can get stuck and need a fresh and different perspective to allow you to continue to evolve and become a better teacher.

Kula supports your individual creative expression and gives you the advanced tools you need to share a deeper practice … you can reignite your yoga journey!

Our signature trainings weave together the knowledge and passion of our facilitators and the ancestral teachings of each sacred location. We can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and allow you the space to dive deeper into topics that spark your interest and that can help refine your voice as a teacher.

With Kula, you can learn to teach in a holistic way that supports the growth of you and your students. Kula can help you evolve and grow, as you dive deeper into the teachings of yoga and yourself.

Listen to how Kula is unique and what graduates have to say about our 300 hour offerings in the video below:

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