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Dharma Series: Discovering Your Truth

By: Tahlia Rubin

“Yoga teaching has illuminated this dynamic and my perfectionist tendencies rooted in fears of being judged for not knowing everything, for not being liked or for being perceived as “weird”. Ultimately, these fears sketch a pattern of struggling with self-acceptance and fighting my true nature in an attempt to be someone other than myself. ”

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Plant Medicine in Peru Part 1: Tobacco Purge for the Mind, Body and Soul

By: Jill Lacasse

“I felt every sensation in my body as I took a hot shower, letting the water wash away any lingering past stories, feels and experiences. Cradled in a hammock outside, I felt so present, calm and centered as I wrote in my journal, reflecting on my purge.”

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Kula Grad Series: Inspiration from the Forest.

By: Jess Lace

"Living at the Yoga Forest for the last 25 days has been one of the most incredible and memorable journeys I have ever been on. I didn’t know what to expect coming in to it but since arriving here it has been a truly emotional and magical experience."

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5 Elements Yin Yoga: Water Element

By: Kali Basman

"Water element allows for adaptation to all of life’s changes, challenges and stresses. Like the flow of water, a balanced practice empowers us to govern emotions, rather than letting emotions govern us."

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Stepping into the Unknown with Cacao

By: Nick Meador

"After some gentle sitting and breathing, creating spaciousness for the spirit of cacao to come in and spark some magic, I’d invite people to stand up and spread around the room."

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As I Began to Love MySelf: Speaking the 5 Love Languages to Our Self.

By: Jessi Luna

“I challenge myself to dedicate 2 weeks to speaking each love language to myself to find out which I resonate most with. At the end of these 10 weeks, I will write another blog to discern my thoughts and feelings of this experience. Will you join me in this challenge?”

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