On Kindness.


In silence, I sat before my inner guru and asked… “With so many paths leading to union, oneness, divinity, which should I choose?”

There is only one path, only one way to Oneness, and that is the path of Kindness. Be kind to yourself and be equally kind to others. Be kind to our great mother Gaia and be kind to our littlest brothers and sisters of the insect kingdom. Spirits are always watching and to walk the path to Oneness we need powerful spirit allies. Through cruelty and anger we will court cruel and angry spirits and our lessons will be hard. Through kindness and love we will court kind and loving spirits and our path will be easy and joyous. 

There is nothing complicated about the journey to the light, there is no need to figure anything out. For this is a path of spirit, not mind. Set reason aside and feel the truth of love and allow it to guide your way. Through disciplined meditation we feel the Oneness of all things. And feeling this union, we become lighter, cleaner, and more open to the infinite possibilities of love. We share the love we've cultivated freely with others, for we have felt that the distinction of you and me is a passing perspective, not a concrete reality. 

We are here, in this body, with this ego, for one lifetime before our drop of water merges into the great sea. How much love can you emanate, how much joy can you bring to your community, how much light can you share with this Earth? You have one lifetime, one small verse in the cosmic symphony. How beautiful can you be? How much love can you cultivate? How much kindness can you share?

“My religion is simple, my religion is kindness.” - The Dalai Lama

coby hadas, bio 

While traveling abroad during university, Coby met a Peruvian healer who liberated him from the material realm. "Now that you have entered the spiritual world," she told him, "You'll never have to concern yourself with money or materials, they will manifest effortlessly. Your new path is a spiritual one wrought with its own challenges." 

Coby took this belief to heart, starting a spiritual journey that took him several times around the globe. He spent many years in Latin America reconnecting with the Earth, a connection often severed in modern suburbia.

He sailed the Caribbean, learning just how deeply one can relax. He led groups of teenagers through dozens of countries and across five different continents. He spent much time in India where he lived 'Baba Life', renouncing material comforts and exploring the boundaries of meditation.

But between each chapter of his story, he would always return to his Shamanic teacher in Peru for study and guidance. Coby’s deep rooted interest in Shamanism found its perfect complement when he married Yogini, CJ Ananda. Their combined passion is to find harmony in the combination of these two ancient healing traditions.