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Somatic Wisdom of Yin Asana: Unraveling Ananhatasana

By: Kali Basman

“My objective in offering Yin Yoga as a daily foundational practice is not to demand that the practitioner set aside the perfect amount of space and time with complete clarity of mind. The objective is this: to train the nervous system to become comfortable with the ever-shifting state.”

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Living Your Dharma.

By: CJ Ananda

“Sitting with such a consistent feeling of blessed elation, I started to feel like I can’t actually call it “work” anymore. Instead, I feel it is more of an offering of the heart that is a gift from the Divine passed through me in service to the whole.  I think the best word to describe this offering would be “Dharma”.”

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Wild Feminine Series: Finding the Fluid Being

By: Guilia

“Women, like water, are moved. Up and down with the tides, in instant rushes like a waterfall, or like the monotonous waves of a great ocean. What counts is the motion. Yet, in how many immeasurable ways have we been conditioned to move against the current or not move at all? And for how long can we sustain the ignorance?”

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