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Yoga as a way of releasing trauma, integration, and achieving wholeness.

By: Mario Rockstroh

“Asana, Pranayama and meditation allowed me to consciously begin to release the issues and non-beneficial patterns stored in the muscles, deep tissues and nerve cells. Plant medicine ceremonies helped me recognize the triggers that set off patterns of emotional pain.”

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Heart View: Accessing the Essence of Spirit through an Exploration of Written Works.

By: Erin Schifferli

“Devoted spiritual practice consistently kindles gratitude and allows us to see clearly with our heart. When we see with the heart rather than the conditionings of the mind, we create the space to appreciate all expressions with equanimity and in that graceful act of acceptance and love for all beings and happenings, we experience ultimate liberation.”

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This Yogic Universe: Duality and Uncertainty in Physics and Our Lives.

By: David Sonshine

“Whether the spectrum is material, social, or temporal, we are often driven by one extreme or the other if we’re not conscious of it. In either case, these desires and fears can drive us to extreme circumstances and feelings, which can derail our flow and shatter our contentment.”

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