A Bird's Life: Letting Your Spirit Soar.

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What have you learned from your past? How has your past shaped you into the person (or bird metaphorically) that you are today? What has stopped you from spreading your wings? What obstacles have you faced that has taught you to slow down ... to heal your body, still your mind, and let your spirit soar? 

I wrote this poem about a woman who was never given the opportunity to focus on herself as she put all her energy into raising her children and providing for her family. She busied herself to forget about her dysfunctional childhood that broke her down and made her feel worthless. No matter what she did or how much she did, she was never enough.

But now, it's her time to shine as she has released negative people and things that stunted her growth and stopped her from changing her perspective. She has realized now that she is a powerful vesicle of light and love.

How are you spreading your wings and being a transformative light of love and positivity?


A Bird's Life

You were once a seagull
A scavenger,
Soaring from shore to shore
with disheveled feathers
               and sandy beak
Surviving off scraps
               of love left behind.
Posing as a prop
                to capture that picturesque moment
Then the next,
               swatted at and abused,
despite all the memories you shaped.
Yet you listened to the roaring waves
                                rested on sailboats
                                              squacked at seashells
And knew your day
                              would come.

You were once a robin.
A nurturer
with fluffy full feathers
                     and worm-filled beak
Providing a nest
                    stick by stick
                    stone by stone
Incubating your speckled eggs.
building a fortress
sheltering from whirling winds
                    and hurling rains.
Being a source of warmth,
                    and unconditional love
Guiding and nourishing
                    your baby birds.
You taught them
                    how to fly
                             how to gobble their worms
                                       and how to treat other birds
with respect and kindness.
The day came,
they spread their wings
         the tree a distant memory.
Your nest empty
                 your heart still full of dreams.
You grew tired
of the same branches
            and grass
                    and trees
                             and seeds
And knew your day
                               would come.

You are now a hummingbird.
A warrior,
       and clever,
Zipping by anyone
                      that attempts to obstruct your path.
You are self-sustaining,
                        vibrantly colourful
with iridescent feathers
                        and ruby red throat
You are uniquely made
Ready to conquer
Ready to turn the world
                       upside down
It’s now your day
                                to fly.

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Jill is a health enthusiast passionate about holistic living through being conscious of the mind, body and spirit connection. She is a free-spirited veggie-loving yogi that loves any kind of adventure that comes her way, whether that is rock climbing, paddle boarding, waterfall rappelling, cliff jumping or learning a new inversion. She finds balance and inspiration in her happy place of being in nature and swimming in the ocean. She ensures that everything she does is in alignment with her truth – to have a grateful and vulnerable heart in order to live in a positive and light filled way.

Check out her blog and connect with her on instagram @theveggievillager.