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Shadows of Addiction

By: David Sonshine

"I wonder now, why I wanted to taste his beer. The answer comes to me and it is the same answer to many of the questions of why we try new things: curiosity. Our motivation to explore the unknown is innocent and powerful. It has led us to self-discovery. Yet, what it unearths isn’t always of light. Sometimes, our curiosity can reveal a shadow inside that we didn’t know was there."

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Dharma Series: Ashley's Dive Yoga Series

By: Ashley Rossy

"I thought great, my project would be geared toward writing and creating PADI's very first, "Dive-Yoga distinctive specialty". With this specialty, people could get certified to practice this perfect collaboration and I could extend it all over the world. But wait, it's 2018... how could no-one have come up with this idea already?"

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A Bird's Life: Letting Your Spirit Soar.

By: Jill Lacasse

"What have you learned from your past? How has your past shaped you into the person (or bird metaphorically) that you are today? What has stopped you from spreading your wings? What obstacles have you faced that has taught you to slow down ... to heal your body, still your mind, and let your spirit soar?"

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Afraid to Ask? Learn How to Give and Take.

By: David Sonshine

"Whether someone is asking for your time, assistance, a place to stay, a ride, or a dollar, if you are not in a position to give graciously and with good intentions, it is better to deny the request, than give with resentment."

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Kula Grad Series: Inspiration from the Forest.

By: Jess Lace

"Living at the Yoga Forest for the last 25 days has been one of the most incredible and memorable journeys I have ever been on. I didn’t know what to expect coming in to it but since arriving here it has been a truly emotional and magical experience."

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