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Heart Beats Bhakti

By: Julia Randall

“For those who have been a part of our vibrant Kirtan circles, discomfort will have dissipated long ago, sifted out in the shivering rhythms of our breath.  As with any practice, the proof is in the doing, and here, doing means enveloping yourself in a myriad of healing harmony.  But why, you might ask, do we spend so much time singing when we are "supposed to be" yoga teachers?”

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Saraswati: the Goddess of Insight, Wisdom and Sound

By: Hayley Saraswati

“Saraswati has been whispering to me for well over a year now. So sweet were her whispers that I could no longer ignore it, and I realized it was time to honor the essence of ‘The Flowing One’ in ceremony one beautiful Caribbean coastal night.”

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