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Awakening to my True Nature as Spirit.

By: Jill Veta Lacasse

“My whole being is at a much higher vibratory level, and I feel like I’m flying most days. Abundance is overflowing in all aspects of my life and beautiful relationships are unfolding to help me grow, expand and awaken to all that I am – all that we are – Spirit.”

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Plant Medicine in Peru Part 1: Tobacco Purge for the Mind, Body and Soul

By: Jill Lacasse

“I felt every sensation in my body as I took a hot shower, letting the water wash away any lingering past stories, feels and experiences. Cradled in a hammock outside, I felt so present, calm and centered as I wrote in my journal, reflecting on my purge.”

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Get In - Tap In - Stay In: 3 Steps to Transformation

By: CJ Ananda

“While facilitating transformational retreats and trainings, I like to acknowledge that there is always a beginning, middle and an end to the process. When each part is honored as an important aspect of the offering, we experience the full expression of deep creation (at the beginning), transformation (in the middle) and integration (at the end).”

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