Posts tagged February 2018
Stories: A Reflection about Connection.

By: David Sonshine

"Stories are used to connect, to co-create, to bind us to each other through wild seas. Stories take us back to our roots. They are the beacon of light in darkness. They are the path to our higher self."

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Who's Gonna Get me Off? Love & Sexual Materialism

By: David Sonshine

"She began explaining her interest in the universal energy of Kundalini that pervades everything. As she spoke I held her gaze with focus and listened to her words. I enjoyed giving her all of my attention, seeing my attention enliven her."

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Understanding the Basics of Meditation: How to be Aware and Intentional.

By: John Early

"Perceive the energy around you as white light. Breathe in the white light. Exhale any darkness, negativity or sickness inside you. Once you are full of white light, breathe in the dark you might sense around you and exhale and share your inner light."

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5 Elements Yin Yoga: Water Element

By: Kali Basman

"Water element allows for adaptation to all of life’s changes, challenges and stresses. Like the flow of water, a balanced practice empowers us to govern emotions, rather than letting emotions govern us."

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